“A pre-wedding photoshoot is something that can be used to ensure you picked the right photographer, you get along with them and they get along with you.” Pre-wedding shoot, a new quirky word added to the wedding photography dictionary. For many couples this is considered as not so important, but trust us this has got […]

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Things to Keep In Mind before Organising Engagement Ceremony

The first step towards Miss to Mrs. A love story doesn’t reach its closure unless both the couples tie the wedding knot with each other. But before that big day happens many small events take place. One of the most significant of them is the engagement. This day the couples not only exchange rings but […]

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Wedding During Pandemic

A brief introduction to the situation we are in The summer wedding season is upon us, but the second wave of COVID-19 has cast a shadow on us yet again. Last year many families had to postpone their wedding dates to this year owing to the lockdown. But this year the scenario is again back […]

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