Things to Keep In Mind before Organising Engagement Ceremony

Things to Keep In Mind before Organising Engagement Ceremony

The first step towards Miss to Mrs.

A love story doesn’t reach its closure unless both the couples tie the wedding knot with each other. But before that big day happens many small events take place. One of the most significant of them is the engagement. This day the couples not only exchange rings but also exchange their lives with each other. This is just the beginning of a beautiful journey called the lifetime.

         Engagement in Indian plays a crucial role. After the date for the ceremony gets fixed there are the preparations for the engagement is accelerated. There are several details that are needed to be taken into consideration for the engagement. More often than not, couples and their families are clueless and don’t know how and where to start the preparations from. Engagement is a very important event. This needs to be planned well if you need a good execution. There are many important things to keep in mind before planning for organising an engagement ceremony.

  • Determine the size of the engagement ceremony: Just after the date gets fixed, you need to determine the size of the engagement ceremony. Decide whether you want to host a big fat ceremony or an intimate one with just your family and friends. Owing to this pandemic situation people are shifting more towards organising an intimate one keeping the safety measures in mind.
  • Select a venue: The first thing that needs to be done is booking a venue. The venue should depend on the size of the party and the budget you’re working with. But owing to this pandemic situation it is suggestible to arrange for more of an intimate type of ceremony. The good news is anything goes, from a private room or banquet table at a restaurant to a backyard bash or intimate dinner party at home.
  • Hire a planner: If you are planning to host a big fat engagement celebration, then it is suggestible to hire a professional. A professional wedding planner can be a great help, especially when you have no experience in hosting any party. Professional wedding planners are experienced; they can help you create the day the way you want. An expert planner will ease the burden and take care of every preparation from your engagement to the wedding.
  • Finding the perfect engagement ring: Selecting the rings is one of the most important parts of engagement preparations. It is usually carried out by couples, either alone or together with their families. The selection should be made very carefully and patiently, since both the pairs of engagement rings will be worn by the couple as wedding rings for the lifetime. A ring model should be chosen in such a way that it is liked by both the couples
  • Presenting The Engagement Rings on a Tray: We have all heard that little things make the most difference. If you want to make your engagement stand out, there are little intricate details that need to be taken care of. One of that is placing the engagement ring in a well decorated engagement tray. This little effort makes the thing more presentable. Everyone present in the ceremony will be looking at the engagement ring, so the ring needs to be presented well. The tray can be decorated with flowers and candles or there can be a heart shaped tray. You can be as creative as you want with your engagement tray, to bring some uniqueness in the ceremony.
  • Engagement Dress: The engagement dress holds a very important place especially for the bride-to-be. Your engagement dress can be simple and elegant or it can be more towards an exaggerated model. This completely depends on your taste and the kind of party that you have arranged. But its s suggested going for something light and simple and saving all the exaggeration for the wedding day. And also be the bride or the groom you will be moving around, dancing around and enjoying if your dress is too heavy it would be very difficult for you to move comfortably.
  • Engagement Gifts: In the Indian weddings gifts are exchanged between the bride’s and groom’s family in the engagement. Make a list of people whom you have to gift during the engagement. Accordingly, you can decide what to give. Making a list in advance makes it easy and there is no chance of mistake.
  • Arrange for a Dance Face-off: This is something fun. Arrange for a dance face-off between the bride’s and groom’s family. This will be a friendly competition thing but at the same time fun and enjoying. And don’t forget to make a playlist for that. Prepare your team well and rock the dance floor. No matter whether you win or lose, enjoy every bit of the moment.
  • Hire Professional Photographer: Last but not the least hires a good professional photographer or videographer, and if your budget allows the hire both. Because moments become memories. And moments like these deserves to get captured. Hiring someone professional is crucial because they are expert in capturing all exclusive details of the ceremony. You can have a look on our portfolio to know about our work and consider us as you wedding photographer. We are specialised in candid photography. We cater through all your photography needs, Depending on your budget you can choose from our vivid range of shoot packages, can also avail many exciting offers.

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