Wedding During Pandemic

Wedding During Pandemic

A brief introduction to the situation we are in

The summer wedding season is upon us, but the second wave of COVID-19 has cast a shadow on us yet again. Last year many families had to postpone their wedding dates to this year owing to the lockdown. But this year the scenario is again back to square one. According to the guidelines for marriage functions during COVID-19 is- total participants in the marriage function at the marriage venue including groom, bride, family members of groom & bride, friends, relatives, guests, priests, personnel of support services like food’ preparation and distribution, etc. put together will not exceed 50 (fifty) cumulatively. The wedding industry, which was hopeful for a turnaround this year, is again hit by the last minute changes in plan as a result of the arrival of second wave. The most important thing to understand is that the COVID pandemic is not going to be over anytime soon. Curfews and other restrictions will come and go till we can get a handle on the virus. So we have to plan accordingly.

How the pandemic has affected the photography industry?

As wedding photographers, we are tasked with delivering a blend of traditional, candid and documentary photographs that exude joy and love…even during a global pandemic. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, unsurprisingly, this has led to a major slowdown in the wedding industry. For many who work in the wedding industry, including photographers has led to a loss in income. As the photography industry is hugely dependent on the wedding ceremonies. Wedding inquires have drastically dropped. Assignments got postponed; even in some cases got cancelled. This created a huge budget issues. This time is usually considered to be one of the busiest times in this wedding photography business.

Why don’t we negotiate with the price owing to this situation?

As we have discussed earlier that the wedding industry is going through a downfall owing to this pandemic, of which the photography industry is a part. Many people ask us that why aren’t we cutting off our rates as there are less invitees. So, we want to address them through this blog. Yes, this question is a valid question, but they need to understand certain things. Firstly, the work load remains the same. It does not depend on the invitees. Secondly, we work in a team. Depending on the ceremony we need to divide them accordingly. There are a lot of work pre and post the photoshoot which needs a lot of patience and hours of hard work.

How we deal with the situation?

Maintain social distancing not emotional distancing. We can do nothing about the pandemic, but what we can do is plan accordingly. Owing to the situation, many people are not considering it safe to book a marriage hall to celebrate. In that case families can celebrate it in their home, with close friends and family gathering with a minimalistic decoration. Wedding is about the people and the emotions they share. And we as candid photographers are expert in capturing all the precious emotions in the right time. We as wedding photographers take the responsibility to cater through all your desires in term of photography and make it unforgettable for you. We capture moments that you can cherish for life.

Do we have any offer for our customers?

Although, we don’t negotiate with our pricing, but we always keep the needs of our customers in mind. We are always up with exciting offers. You can avail those offers accordingly when you book a shoot with us. To be updated with the offers do check our websites.

What are the safety measures we follow?

For us, our team is our strength. We are one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata and we go by that tag. We make sure that all of us in our team abide by safety measures as stated by ICMR as well as WHO. And for us our customers and their family is the most important thing. We take their safety as the utmost priority. Whenever a team is sent to a venue, we make sure that everyone in the team has their thermal temperature check done. Everyone in the team is provided with a new surgical mask from the office and everyone carries their own sanitizer. At the venue everyone maintains a proper distance from the attendees. And all our equipments are properly sanitized.

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